Protect and Dress Up Your Tables with Our Linen Tablecloths

Table linens are essential for setting the right tone to your event and they can really transform a space. Linen tablecloths create an elegant atmosphere for entertaining. Table runners add a decorative touch, and placemats and napkins are entertaining essentials.

We have wide selections of restaurant linen table covers from economy to premium quality in variety of fabrics. These table linens are high quality, durable, and easy-care (stain-resistant, and wrinkle resistant).

They come in standard sizes, but we can customize tablecloths to any sized tables.

Cannot find the fabric, color, or size? Please contact us online or by phone.

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Bengaline Moire Linen Tablecloth 1 Dz.
44 items
Description The Bengaline Moire Linen Tablecloth is comprised of 100% polyester. A beautiful fabric adorned...
$269 - $1,255
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Bombay Pintuck Linen Tablecloth 1 Dz.
50 items
Description The Bombay Pintuck linen tablecloths has a brilliant and lustrous effect that defines its...
$139 - $859
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DiRoNA Premium Cotton Tablecloth 1 Dz.
18 items
Description DiRoNA premium cotton tablecloths are available in three different styles: All-Over Pique, Bordered Pique,...
$358 - $1,485
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DiRoNA Bordered Pique Premium Cotton Tablecloth 1 Dz.
8 items
Description DiRoNA tablecloths are comprised of 100% 2-ply cotton. This is our finest, most dramatic...
$253 - $649
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Duchess Satin Linen Tablecloth 1 Dz.
50 items
Description Our Duchess satin linen table cover is crafted out of a soft, luxurious satin-matte...
$137 - $762
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EK Spun Poly Economy Solid Colored Linen Tablecloth 2 Dz.
8 items
Description High quality 100% spun polyester tablecloths & napkins at very affordable prices. All tablecloths have...
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EK Spun Poly Economy White Tablecloth
15 items
Description High quality 100% spun polyester tablecloths & napkins at wholesale price. All tablecloths have...
$176 - $408
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Majestic Polyester Dupioni Tableclot 1 Dz.
60 items
Description Our Majestic linen tablecloth is a combination of Dupioni and Satin Polyester. Traditionally made...
$103 - $675
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Ultimate Spun Polyester Linen Tablecloth 1 Dz.
54 items
Description Ultimate spun poly is the highest standard when it comes to spun poly table...
$135 - $732
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Jute Burlap Rustic Linen Tablecloth 1 Dz.
25 items
Description Burlap is made of 100% Jute. This is a great linen to use for outdoor...
$113 - $643
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Delano Linen Tablecloths 1 Dz.
48 items
Description The Delano high quality linen tablecloth has an unique elegance a result of its...
$123 - $785
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Permalux Economy Solid Color Linen Tablecloth 1 Dz.
24 items
Description Permalux Momie weave 50/50 blend of cotton and polyester. Affordable, durable, and available in...
$132 - $1,160
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