Cordoba 10" Steak Knife, Corby Hall J0098

Cordoba 10" Steak Knife, Corby Hall J0098

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This beautiful steak knife comes in 12pcs/packCorby Hall flatware is a premium, high grade flatware that shows dinners elegance and class.  The Cordoba pattern is a very heavy weight and premier grade of stainless steel with a 18% Chrome and 10% Nickel content.  This is a fine quality flatware ideal for fine dining restaurants and hotels.  The Cordoba pattern is part of the Continental Collection.  This high quality restaurant flatware is used in fine hotels, restaurants, ballrooms and conference centers as opposed to much more expensive silverware.  Stainless steel flat ware is easy to maintain because unlike silver ware pieces it does not require constant polishing.

The minimum order for Corby Hall items is $300

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