Floral 18/10 Flatware, Mirror Finish, Classic Style, Corby Hall 2900

Floral 18/10 Flatware, Mirror Finish, Classic Style, Corby Hall 2900

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The Floral pattern is part of Corby Hall's European collection. 18/10 premium stainless steel. Available in mirror finish or silverplate (EPSS). All hollow handle knives are forged. Perfect for use in fine hotels, restaurants, ballrooms and conference centers. Stainless steel flatware is easy to maintain.

Corby Hall flatware is a premium, high-grade flatware that shows dinners elegance and class.

  • Standard Pieces are sold and packed by the dozen.
  • We offer a 60-piece Dinner Service for 12. Includes 1 Dozen Dinner Forks, 1 Dozen Salad/Dessert Forks, 1 Dozen Teaspoons, 1 Dozen Dinner/Oval Soup Spoons, and 1 Dozen Dinner Knives.
    2901 Dessert/Oval Soup Spoon
    2902 Pasta Spoon
    2903 Bouillon/Round Soup Spoon
    2904 Teaspoon
    2905 AD Spoon
    2906 Iced Tea Spoon
    2926 European Dinner Fork
    2927 Salad/Dessert Fork
    2928 Fish Fork
    2929 Oyster/Cocktail Fork
    2950 Restaurant  Knife HH
    2951 European Dinner Knife-Solid Handle
    2953 Fish Knife
    2955 Butter Spreader
    2956 Dessert Knife
    2960 Dessert Knife HH
    2958 Oversized Steak Knife
    2959 Oversized Steak Knife HH
    2961 Steak Knife-Solid Handle
    2962 Steak Knife HH
    2965 Butter Knife HH
    2966 Butter Knife Solid Handle

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