Kwik-Covers, Kwik-Skirts, & Kwik-Cans

Affordable Plastic Fitted Table Covers, Skirts, & Can Covers

Kwik-Covers are a lightweight, elastic fitted plastic table cover with specially-designed elastic edging that holds the cover in place, even in the wind. Kwik-Covers are durable enough to be re-used, yet affordable enough to be disposed of after a single use making clean-up “a snap!” Simply toss them in the trash once your event is over, or wipe them down, fold them up, and store them for future use.

Dress up your tables with stylish Kwik-Skirts and hide those eyesore trash cans with fitted can covers - Kiwk-Cans. Great for backyard parties, arts and crafts events, tailgates, banquets, county fairs, carnivals, picnics, concession stands, and more. 

Check our Pinterest board for design inspiration with Kwik-covers for your next events.

Add colors to your events by mixing and matching!


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33 products

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