Disposable Table Skirts

The Kwik-Skirt provides a fast, affordable way to dress up standard banquet tables, utilizing unique Hook & Loop Velcro-like fasteners for easy set up and removal. With the Kwik-Skirt fitted banquet table skirts, there’s no more struggling with tape, staples, tacks or clips, and no more release paper to peel and toss. Stylish and reusable, the Kwik-Skirt measures 29 inches high and 14 feet in length to wrap the front and two sides of your table

Each Kwik-Skirt utilizes either a  6’or 8’ white Kwik-Cover top (to fit the specific length of your table), and features the same unique “plastic with elastic” corners and Hook & Loop Velcro-like fasteners to attach the skirt to the cover.

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