Maine Supply Table Vinyl Product Catalog

Create The Perfect Ambience for Your Guest!

We provide solutions for all your table vinyl needs.  Whether you have that odd-shaped or sized table, or just want a new look for your tables.

Whether your décor is contemporary or traditional, upscale or casual, our easy-care table covers and coordinating upholstery vinyl can create the perfect ambience. 

Because our custom vinyl table covers are made from a heavier weight, commercial-grade material, they are designed to outlast those thinner, flimsier plastic tablecloths you may find at other retailers. These custom vinyl tablecloths are made to last while simultaneously created to fit the occasion at hand. 

  • If you want to cut your own, you can simply purchase our vinyl rolls instead.  
  • We don’t require a minimum order. 
  • Consider our standard sizes and shapes in a wide selection of colors and designs. The standard sizes come with an 8" hang on all sides. 
  • Tablecloths wider than 52" will be seamed.

    1. Tablecloths 53" to 60" wide will have one side seam.
    2. Tablecloths 61" to 70" wide will have two side seams.
    3. Tablecloths 71" or wider in width will have a center seam.
    • If you’d rather chat with us online or by phone to discuss your needs, we are here for you.  
    • Need some design inspiration for your space? Check our design gallery to see how others are transforming their space with vinyl tablecloths!