Chroma Type 301 Kitchen Knife Block Set 5-Piece

Chroma Type 301 Kitchen Knife Block Set 5-Piece

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A Japanese craftsmanship, this 5-piece essential kitchen knife block set Designed by F.A. Porsche. This includes a paring knife, a boning knife, a santoku knife, a 10-inch chef's knife, and a bamboo/wood block. Features unique design with ergonomic handles. Lifetime warranty.

This 5-piece block set Designed by F.A. Porsche is constructed of 301 Japanese steel and feature ergonomic handles. This includes a 3-1/4-inch parer, a Boning knife P08, a 7-1/4-inch santoku knife, a 10-inch chef's knife, and a bamboo/wood block.


Set includes: 3-1/4-inch parer; Boning knife P08; 7-1/4-inch santoku; 10-inch chef's; bamboo/wood block
Made of Japanese 301 steel
Resistant to stains, rust & corrosion
Ergonomic handle design by Porsche
Balanced and comfortable in your hands
Transitions from blades to handles marked by raised metal beads
Lifetime warranty

Notes: Do not use carver on marble or glass, or to cut bones or frozen food. Hand wash and dry only. Store in a knife block. Only sharpen using a Type 301 whetstone.

All Chroma Type 301 kitchen knives feature Japanese 301 stainless steel that’s ground on both sides of the blade to present an extra-sharp edge upon its very first use. As an added benefit, Japanese 301 steel is able to maintain edge sharpness longer than any other type of steel. Here’s how the Chroma cleaver surpasses the competition. For starters, it’s lightweight. Second, it’s a well-balanced knife. If you’re puzzled as to where to place your hand to ensure perfect knife balance, for a clue look no further than the small, raised metal knob on the side of the knife. It marks where the blade and handle interset, helping you find the perfect grip for maximum knife control. Finally, its "V" shape feels super comfortable in the hand so you can work long periods of time without your hand muscles growing tired.

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