White Fitted Plastic Can Covers - Kwik-Can

White Fitted Plastic Can Covers - Kwik-Can

Hide those rusty and unsightly trash cans with Kwik-Can Covers. These elastic fitted covers are an easy and stylish way to cover 33 and 55 gallon barrels. Available in 33 and 55-gallon sizes. Cover your drums, trash cans, recycling containers, and more. Matches with Kwik-Cover to give a perfect look to your events.
  • Available Sizes :
    If you are looking for different size, please chat with us online or call us. A minimum order of 25 is required.

Disguise those rusty metal trash barrels and unsightly plastic drums with a Kwik-Can Cover, the innovative, stylish way to cover 33 and 55 gallon barrels.  Kwik-Can elastic fitted covers are perfect for 33 and 55 gallon drums and trash cans, recycling containers and more. These elastic fitted can covers slide right on and stay in place covering your unsightly garbage cans, barrels and drums.

Tough elastic at both ends holds this durable, all-weather plastic sleeve snugly in place, leaving you with a clean, pleated look. Environmentally Friendly Kwik-Covers are made with the environment in mind. Because Kwik-Covers are made with elasticized edges and are easy to clean, you have the option to use them over and over again. Kwik-Covers are so easy to put on and take off, all you need to do is wipe them off and fold them for the next use.

  • 33-gallon Kwik-Can Covers are available in solid white, solid black, or recycle logo.
  • 55-gallon Kwik-Can covers are available in solid white, black, recycle blue, patriotic, and black & white check.

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