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Biodegradable Alternatives for Your Party

Disposable tableware made from paper or plastic are non-biodegradable and can be harmful to the environment; just think about all that waste going to landfill.

True, disposable tableware provides a quick and convenient solution for party catering but there is a greener option – biodegradable tableware.

Biodegradable tableware is compostable and not made from harmful chemicals like petroleum products. This means less waste going to landfill and a reduction in toxic chemicals being released into the air. Both a positive for the environment.

In addition to that, biodegradable tableware also offers a more practical and presentable table setting. So if you’re worried about appearance, biodegradable tableware will be the perfect solution for you.


Bamboo tableware

Bamboo grows quite quickly and also degrades rapidly – within 6 months – making it the perfect choice for disposable tableware. Bamboo tableware is made by cleaning the bamboo sheath and then undertaking a process of boiling, pressing and bonding with eco-friendly glue.

Tableware made from bamboo also looks more appealing than plastic or paper tableware as it is more durable. You can substitute ceramic or glass plates for disposable bamboo tableware and achieve a beautiful table setting that is sophisticated. Due to its high durability, bamboo tableware can be used to hold a number of food items including those oily delights as well as fruits and sandwiches.

As this kind of tableware is made with a chemical-free process, you will not need to be concerned about any harmful materials that may contaminate the food placed on the tableware.


Palm leaf tableware

The leaves of the Areca Palm tree fall naturally to the ground and are used to make tableware. Without the use of chemicals, the leaves are cleaned and dried to then be pressed with heat to create attractive patterns. Palm leaf tableware takes about 90 days to degrade after disposal and their chic appearance make them suitable for outdoor parties that require an elegant charm. As the leaves retain their natural textures and designs, your occasions will be more memorable with such beautiful tableware.

You will also find that this type of tableware is much sturdier than plastic and paper plates. Since they don’t get easily soggy, you can place hot and wet food items for long periods of time.


Sugarcane tableware

More attractive than paper or plastic tableware, tableware made from sugarcane can be used for a number of special occasions. The fiber obtained from the sugarcane after the sugar juice is extracted is then refined to create the tableware. Easily degradable, sugarcane tableware is brown in color. Although this type of tableware may not be suitable for formal events like weddings, sugarcane tableware is the perfect choice for picnics and casual garden events.

Sugarcane tableware is also microwave-safe and can be used to serve liquid and oily food items.


Natural wheat fiber tableware

Made from dry fibrous wheat residue, this is another eco-friendly alternative to paper and plastic disposable tableware. Flaunting a lovely natural pale caramel color, wheat fiber tableware is extremely sturdy and is unlikely to shy away from the weight of the food.

You can place hot, wet and oily delicacies on this type of tableware and as it does not contain gluten or allergens, you will not need to be concerned of sensitivities.

Life can get extremely busy and the need for convenience with disposable tableware is understandable. However, noting the detrimental effects on the environment, you may be looking for alternatives that will enable you to maintain your easy lifestyle but with more consideration towards the atmosphere.

Biodegradable tableware is a balanced choice that is a much safer option for the environment, not to mention, convenient for you.

Do you want to switch to a greener alternative for your catering events? Explore our range of biodegradable and compostable tableware here.

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