Flatware: what’s your design?

Flatware: what’s your design?

Making a decision about flatware can be a difficult one, especially when you are looking to create a particular ambience for your restaurant or bar. The type of flatware you choose is up to personal preference and every design has its own style, tone and personality. You need to consider the balance between ergonomic and design. Although some flatware may be pleasing to the eye, they may not in fact provide a pleasant dining experience. The feel when placing the flatware in your hand is a crucial consideration for any restaurant.

Flatware designs have evolved over time. In recent years, we see a bold trend in shape and form that are sure to turn our heads. Keeping up with the trends in food presentation, the sleek form and shape of flatware designs have been aesthetically pleasing, but practicality is also important. With all this choice, you may be a bit lost as to which one would suit your restaurant.

In this article, we have broadly categorized flatware based on design. With our selection, you’ll find an easy flatware solution that is both ergonomic and keeping with the decor of your restaurant.

Teardrop shape
A truly English design, the teardrop shape flatware showcases a simple and popular classical design. Perfect for hotels and upmarket settings, this is a timeless design with a rounded outline for a snug dining experience.

Corb Hall teardrop shaped flatware TroonTroon

Hammered handle

The hammered handle flatware boasts a European charm with a modish design. Showcasing a bold and crisp pattern, the hammered handle flatware can easily be a statement piece for your dining setting. Its classy presence may even steal the limelight from the main attraction.

Santa Fe

Round wedge shape
Inspired by a traditional Danish design, the round shape flatware has a smooth polished design. Don’t be fooled by its simple appearance, this flatware has an air of elegance that cannot be found in other designs and will complement a range of different table settings.

French Leaf

Fiddle handle
A French design, the fiddle handle was a popular choice in the nineteenth century. The English adopted the design and the Scots took an immediate liking to its authentic shape. If you are looking for a vintage charm that will make a bold statement to your dining experience, the fiddle handle flatware will suit you well.


Textured handle
This contemporary design is a favorite among the younger crowd. The texture is designed to reflect light in a way to create a fine dining experience but the trick lies in finding the pattern that suits your table setting. Although easy on the eye, textured handles can range from intricate and extravagant to simple and classic.



Square wedge shape
The square shape flatware is definitely a classical piece. Its fine handle and widening appearance are an elegant addition to your dining setting. Subtle enough for a brunch, the square shape flatware is also a great option for fine dining restaurants.


Narrow handle
A modish design, the narrow handle flatware features swirls on either side of the handle, making for a stylish contemporary dining setting. It is a bold design and may not be suitable for simple cafes or bars. But if you’re looking to change things up a bit for your restaurant, the narrow handle flatware can bring an alluring appeal.


Known as the choice of royalty, the hourglass flatware first appeared in the early nineteenth century and has maintained its attraction ever since. The intricate design is befitting for sophisticated dining settings that may also hold special celebrations. Give your customers a feel of nobility with its distinctive appearance.



The embroidered flatware with decorations such as leaves, flowers, and scrollwork is an appealing choice for a thematic dining setting of your choice. When choosing this type of flatware, you need to be conscious of the ergonomic feel for your customer and the suitability of the flatware to the dining experience you intend to create. The intricate detail of some embroidered flatware can change your setting from contemporary to classical or vice versa.

Classic Baroque


The handles of colorful flatware designs are usually made of resin. Also the colors come in a range of finishes from classic satin/matte to bronze/gold to more contemporary black as well as a mix of these shades. A contemporary option, this flatware will bring a bright ambience to your restaurant or bar. For a look that highlights the hipster era, this is the perfect choice of flatware. You could even mix and match the colors for an authentic dining setting.


Selecting flatware is an important decision and can alter the ambience of your restaurant or café significantly. These tips on the different designs will hopefully assist you with making a choice that aligns with your personal preference and create a dining experience that will have your customers coming back for more. At the end of the day, the flatware should complement your dining setting – in appearance and feel.

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