Decorating Restaurants with Vinyl Tablecloths - Trends in Colors

Decorating Restaurants with Vinyl Tablecloths - Trends in Colors

Tablecloths are an integral part of any restaurant décor. It’s the first thing that the customers notice about the ambience. This first impression is heavily influenced by the colors of the tablecloths. Wrong color combinations can make great food less appealing. It is essential to choose the right tablecloth colors that complement the surrounding and invoke the right emotion in customers.

Vinyl tablecloths have been a popular choice among restaurants It’s available in a wide variety of patterns to match with diverse surroundings of different restaurants. From single solid patterns to checks and variety of prints, all are available to create the aesthetics needed. Traditionally restaurants have opted for a single color/pattern for all the tables. In recent years, we are seeing a trend in mixing up colors to create unique looks.

How Different Colors Affect your Customers’ Mind

Want to shape how your customers behave in your restaurant? Let’s have a glance at how some common colors could affect the mind of the customers:

  • Red- If you are planning to use a red colored vinyl tablecloth, then it can help in increasing your table turnover rate. Must be thinking how? It’s by increasing the heart rates of the customers who feels very hungry, finishes his food quickly and leaves.
  • Orange- In case you have orange vinyl table cover in your mind, it will make the atmosphere more pleasant and cheerful for your customers and thus making them feel more content.
  • Yellow- Similarly, yellow color tablecloths or vinyl with flannel backing also makes the people feel more satiated and happy.
  • Green- If your choice is green, then it helps in setting a very comforting and relaxing atmosphere for your customers.
  • Brown- Brown gives a sense of stability and support to the people with it earthy essence.
  • Blue- Now, if you opt for blue, then beware as it is generally recommended to be avoided in restaurants as it reduces the appetite of the guests while making them feel thirstier.
  • White- If opting for white, it only helps in giving a relaxing feel , but also makes a smaller space look big as well as clean.
  • Black- Last but not the least, if you are planning for using black vinyl table cover or vinyl with flannel backing, it will help in enhancing the other shades of the restaurant however, avoid too much of black as it would make the space look very dark and even cramped sometimes.

How to Mix and Match Colors for the Right Atmosphere

It’s necessary to choose a suitable colors combination to make it pleasing for others as well as go well with the restaurant’s interior décor. Here are five interior color scheme ideas:

  • Light Color Pallet for Relaxing Mood – It includes colors like ivory, beige, light grey, pale yellow and white. Such color scheme can be used to offer a leisurely and relaxing atmosphere to the customers.

Sorbet Relaxing Decor (Oat, Ginger, Lavander) w/ Vinyl Tablecloths from Maine Supply

  • Dark Color Pallet for Romantic Mood - It includes colors like brown, purple, crimson, navy and dark green. It gives the best look to the highly romantic settings. However, too much usage of dark shades should be avoided as it would make the space look claustrophobic.

Autumn Romance Decor w/ Vinyl Tablecloths from Maine Supply

  • Warm Color Pallet for Vibrant Mood- It includes colors like terracotta, orange, red, gold and yellow. Its main purpose is to make the setting bright and exciting while giving a visual stimulation to the guests. Too much usage of bright colors should be avoided as it may make the atmosphere annoying sometimes.

Francais Vibrant Decor w/ Vinyl Tablecloths from Maine Supply

  • Earthy Color Pallet for Homely Mood - It includes colors like olive green, brown, beige, umber and dark orange. It is basically to reflect natural instinct and offer a welcoming environment to the customers.

Earth Tone Decor (Bark, Oat) w/ Vinyl Tablecloths

  • Pastel Color Pallet for Elegance - It includes colors like sky blue, light yellow, pink, lavender and pale green. Its neutral tone makes it suitable for almost all kinds of decors and gives a soft and comforting look to the restaurant.

Cusard Cream (Canvas, Pearl, Slate) Elegant Decor w/ Vinyl Tablecloth from Maine Supply

Break The Monotony of Space


In general, the color and patterns should be chosen according to the existing décor of the place. Colorful tablecloths are always the best way to create the mood you want. If you want to make it more dramatic in effect, opt for vibrant colors otherwise for a more refined atmosphere, you should go for pastel shades. Many restaurant owners prefer to change the settings as per the season. In that case, one should choose lighter shades for spring and summer whereas bolder and dark colors during the colder seasons like winter and fall months.

There are also restaurants that offer different settings to allure their customers like garden settings or roof settings. In such situation, pastel shades should be preferred for garden settings and bolder colors for settings under the sun.


Why follow the tradition. Lead the way and play with colors and patterns to decorate the tabletops. Transition from one area of your restaurant to another with different colors and invoke the interactions you desire among your guests. And change it up from season to season. Just remember, colors set the rhythm of the conversation. So, choose it with care, but be bold and experiment.

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