Editor's Review of 5 Popular Steak Knives

Editor's Review of 5 Popular Steak Knives

Most restaurants and the best chefs in the world are on the lookout for ways to enhance their customers’ steak experience. Choosing the right cuts play an essential role in delivering a desirable experience, but selecting a good steak knife is just as important.

However, the art of choosing the right steak knives from many options available in the market is not well understood. We evaluate steak knives through the lenses of "Steel and Feel!" The "Steel" refers to the material a steak knife is made of, and the "Feel" refers to how it makes it easy to use. The best of the best would not steal the show, rather it would disappear in the background and let you just enjoy the steak.

This article looks into five of the most famous steak knives available in the market and highlights their respective pros and cons.

Here's our breakdown of some of best-performing steak knives in the industry.

Tomahawk 10.5" Steak Knife by Corby Hall


A big league steak knife with premier-grade forged stainless steel. The Tomahawk 10.5" sports a unique shape much similar to the Nepalese Kukri; commonly used for hunting purposes.

The knife has wavy serration on its blade, ensuring a cleaner slice to the meat. The knife also features a curved wooden handle to give the user’s palm a firm grip when making cuts.

  • A serrated (edgy) blade means a reduced need for sharpening and overall maintenance of the knife.
  • Forged blade with bolster offers balance and strength to the knife
  • Protection against blade due to bolster
  • A classic look and excellent grip with wood on the handle of the knife
  • The sharp and edgy shape towards the front of the knife ensures clean incision on meat.
  • Works well with vegetables

The Experience:
The flagship product from Corby Hall that comes at reasonable price for the value it delivers. 10.5" in size and equipped with forged steel, the knife offers longevity and clean cuts. That is why steak connoisseurs trust their Tomahawk knives. This knife is perfect for big Texas Tomahawk like steaks, offering you the perfect grip and keeping you in charge of the meat and your meal!

Cordoba 10" by Corby Hall


Backed by Corby Hall’s special guarantee, the Cordoba 10” is a forged stainless steel blade knife. Its broad to narrow handle promises an excellent non-slippery grip and a shape that serves its purpose well.

  • A classic serrated blade that is low maintenance and ensures that the meat cuts down to the last string
  • The handle curve is a result of ergonomic design
  • Forged blade provides proper balance, strength, and durability
  • The pointed tip translates into excellent meat incision
  • Plastic handle infused with wood provides an excellent grip

The Experience:
This is an elegant knife with a curved handled and 10” blade. Perfect for a mouth-watering Argentinian steak, this Argentina-inspired knife is heavy, yet easy to handle and feels great in the hand.

Chroma Type 301 Steak Knife by F.A. Porsche

  Chroma Type 301 Steak Knives

Designed by F.A. Porsche, the Chroma Type 301 is a sleek-looking piece of cutlery that would look good on just about any table. The Chroma Type 301 comes with a very unique slicing method. It involves keeping the stainless steel blade grounded on both sides; to achieve sharper and efficient cuts.

  • Forged Japanese 301 stainless steel ensures a long life
  • Supported by a lifetime warranty from the manufacturers
  • The absence of a wooden and plastic grips means proper hygiene and lower chances of microorganisms surviving on the surface of the knife
  • Pointed tip to make flawless cuts
  • A sharp and non-serrated blade offers efficient cuts and applications that extend beyond steaks

The Experience:
The Chroma Type 301 is very lightweight and features a distinctive "V" shape that allows you to work comfortably for extended hours. Overall, this is a very durable product with an all-round ability. The non-serrated blade and the presence of “pearl” in the beginning of the blade from the end of the handle truly differentiate this knife from other steak knives.

High Plains Steak Knife By Walco


The cheapest option in comparison to others on the list, the High Plains steak knife with its ergonomic Delrin handle with non-serrated blade being its biggest strength. The presence of an incision-friendly pointy tip and the absence of a traditional serrated blade for smooth clean cut of your steak and when carving will not tear the fibers of meat.

  • These are very pocket-friendly and promise high durability
  • Multipurpose knife that can be used for regular kitchen work too
  • Has a pointed blade that require less effort at cutting
  • A Delrin handle that is not only designed with stainless steel but is also extremely durable
  • Narrow blade and handle to offer a comfortable grip

The Experience:
The High Plains steak knife is medium-weight with a straight blade that offers clean cuts. This is an excellent knife for daily kitchen and restaurant use.

Boston & Denver Chop Knives By Walco


Walco brings you some of the best steak knives found in the world. The Walco Boston Chop full tang steak knife is a traditional piece featuring a Pakka Wood handle. Its stainless steel blade has a polished finish and is corrosion resistant which makes it perfect for long-lasting use.

  • Serrated edge construction to make slicing steaks as smooth as ever
  • Rounded blade tip that offers clean cuts
  • The handle is constructed with carefully selected wood
  • Slightly heavy but with excellent grip handle

The Experience:
A part of many steak houses, the Denver and Boston Chop steak knives are two flagship products by Walco. The knives are heavy in general but weigh less than Tomahawk steak knives. Overall, these are beautifully sculpted knives that make a gorgeous addition to any table.

While a good steak knife would easily cut through a steak, only the best would allow your guests to truly enjoy their steak without worrying about handling the knife. Making your guests forget that they are trying to use a knife and experience the ultimate dining experience, the knives featured in this article offer all that and more!

We hope this review helps you decide the best steak knife for your restaurant.

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