Table Linen Fabric Selection Guide for Different Restaurant Types

Table Linen Fabric Selection Guide for Different Restaurant Types

Table linens are important components of any table top setup. From the essential napkins and placemats to elegance of tablecloths and table skirts to the decorative touch of table runners all play an important role in creating the mood you want for your guests. While your food is the centerpiece of your restaurant, your table linens are among the next most important things that make up for your customer’s dining experience.

Carefully choosing the right table linens for your restaurant can show your customers that you care and are willing to go the extra mile to create an memorable experience for them every time.

Your Table Linens Matter

Table linens are perhaps the easiest way to provide your customers with an exquisite experience. Wondering if table linens are all that important? Here are a few ways table linens are beneficial:

  • They suppress table noise from flatware and plates
  • They are more sanitary and convenient to clean up
  • They are more Eco friendly than paper options
  • They help protect new tables from damage such as scratches, water rings, and the heat
  • They help hide any flaws in damaged furniture
  • They contribute to the complete look and feel of your restaurant

Still not convinced? Consider this: how do customers usually distinguish a fine dining restaurant from a hip fast food joint? The answer is straightforward. They do it by small things like the presence of table linens, sparkling cutlery, and the ambiance of the establishment.

Minor details such as table napkins can play an important role in enhancing a restaurant's ambiance and allowing the atmosphere to take control. While table linens are essential to the aesthetics of your restaurant, choosing the right fabric can be beneficial in an economical way as well.

Table Linens Fabric Choice: Operations vs Experience

Table linens are an essential component of your restaurant. Whether you are working on setting a base for a brand new restaurant or looking to update an existing establishment, your table linens are items that you might put some thought into. There are plenty of options when it comes to selecting table linens for your restaurant.

Table Linens for an Elevated Experience

Damask Table Linens

Damask is a fine representation of luxury and grace. Speaking for itself, Damask table linens promise to be the show-stopper of your restaurant setting. These table linens are widely used in upscale restaurants and can easily carry embossed fabric; to give your restaurant the pop of style that it needs.

Satin Table Linens

Satin table linens are perfect for creating an elegant ambiance. This glossy fabric is made from silk or synthetic materials such as polyester and is highly capable of establishing a romantic and luxurious environment when used in restaurants. These table linens are excellent for special occasions.

Cotton Table Linens

Cotton undeniably is great for a variety of table settings. However, this naturally soft fabric is not the best choice for a restaurant space. Its ability to wrinkle very easily and slow absorption means that your table linens would be in constant need of setting, dry cleaning, and replacement. However, cotton blends like Twill bridges the best of the both worlds.

Table Linens That Promise Functionality


Milliken Table Linens

Used in most restaurants, Milken table linens are made from 100% polyester and can easily tolerate tough stains and wrinkles and maintain their appearance in comparison to cotton and other blends. Ideally suited for casual fine dining, these linens can be laundered many times without showing signs of wear.

Polyester Table Linens

These are manufactured from polyester fibers and remain as a favorite selection in the table linen industry. Polyester linens made with synthetic fibers offer high levels of durability, withstand tough stains and battle wrinkles. This makes them an excellent candidate for high-volume use at settings like a restaurant.

Plain weave and spun are two categories of polyester table linens worth noticing. Plain weave polyester makes fitted and stretchable tablecloths. Whereas, spun polyester depicts silk-like properties and is very durable.

Fit for Different Restaurant and Meal Types

While you maybe tempted to use the finest quality linens, you want to consider polyester and polyester blend if you have a casual establishment.  But if you have a fine dining, you may want to consider cotton blend or satin. If you are going for a specific themed decor, you may want to consider Damask linens. 

When selecting a table linen, we recommend that you settle with at least a 10-inch drop if your restaurant follows a casual theme and a 15-inch drop if it represents a formal dining affair.

Parting Thoughts...

While your customers might be completely unaware of the amount of love and passion that you pour into setting-up your table tops, carefully selecting items as necessary as your table linens can make a significant impact on your business. Table linen that matches the ambiance of your restaurant and has a fit and style that carefully blends can deliver the concept behind your restaurant and enhance the overall experience of your customers.

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